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Established in 2005, BLACKALGO was one of Europe’s earliest industry adopters of AI for creating multiple trading strategies. The BLACKALGO AI-based trading system dynamically identifies profitable opportunities and places trades in order to generate profits at a speed and frequency that are impossible to match by a human trader. Because our technology also enables better mitigation of risks, you have more control over your investments.

  • Combined AI trading strategies for better returns and less risk
  • Gold standard validation methods and risk management techniques
  • Ideal Forex Trading Solution


Our solid and robust trading strategy follows the international standard rules of technical analysis, which dictate market actions. BLACKALGO’s performance of 78% winning trades has earned us a client satisfaction level of 90%.

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The BLACKALGO program drives more than 30 algorithmic trading strategies simultaneously, meaning that each strategy only risks a small proportion of the capital, thereby providing an additional safety level for your money.


With the AI in our algorithmic trading systems executing the orders for you, you can expand trading into multiple markets, timeframes and strategies, thereby achieving superior risk management and profit potential. The BLACKALGO system is individually tailored to your needs.

Smart Trading Algorithms

The integration of BLACKALGO systems is simple, yet delivers substantial benefits to our clients. Our smart systems ensure that the placement of your trade orders is instant and accurate, thereby helping you to execute at your desired levels. Our proprietary AI technologies are built to time trades correctly to avoid significant price changes and reduce your overall transaction costs. As trades are being executed automatically by the AI, our system simultaneously monitors and performs automated checks on a wide variety of market conditions, in line with the best global standards of technical trading.

Risk Management

Our AI trading programs perfectly align with our clients’ risk management needs, especially in a changing world that presents the need to evaluate new or unstructured data. BLACKALGO provides you with the tools and AI solutions to more accurately identify potential risks.

Fast Execution Speed

Our AI based-trading programs hold the colossal advantage of trading multiple strategies at super-speed with higher levels of accuracy than human traders.

Video Overview on How Our Algos Can Boost Forex Trading

Check out the video for an overview of how BLACKALGO can help you to achieve higher profitability, lower risk and faster, more accurate trades.

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